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Streetlight Plan Project Updates


Coinciding with the Hwy 42 project, the new streetlights were installed and programmed during the last part of 2020 -- just in time to showcase the new holiday light display. These new lights offer a vintage appearance with modern day technology, allowing them to comply with local lighting ordinances and reduce light pollution while still maintaining the character of the town.

Additional features of the luminaires include a “nighttime friendly” optical design, the use of LED technology (reducing energy consumption by as much as 60 percent in most cases) and four lighting distribution options.

**NEW** — UPDATED 3/4/2021

Below are updated drafts of potential assessment models for both the street lighting project and the sidewalk project. These updates drafts include two scenarios: one based on a $200,000 Town contribution and one based on a $400,000 Town contribution. 

Draft Assessments with Town Contribution


The information below was discussed at the special meeting on Wednesday, February 24, 2021.

Sidewalk Assessment Schedule B
Sidewalk Assessment Schedule C
Revised Summary of Sidewalk Assessment (Town Properties Only)


Street Lighting Assessment Schedule B
Street Lighting Assessment Schedule C
Revised Summary of Street Lighting Assessments (Town Properties Only)

Draft Street Lighting Proposed Assessment Model

Draft Sidewalk Proposed Assessment Model

Past lighting plans used during the construction and installation of the project can be viewed here.