Town Projects


Stay up to date on he may projects happening in town. Find information, timeline, and drawings related to current Town projects on this page.


Town Beach Project


January 2020 - With the new bathroom facility and parking lot completed, the next phase of the Town Beach project is the shoreline hardscaping. Plans for the shoreline design were discussed at the January regular monthly Town Board meeting. The next step will be a request for proposals. It has not yet been determined if the work would be done in the spring or the fall.

June 2019 - Construction of the public bathroom facilities at the Town Beach is underway and set to be completed in July. On Friday, June 7, a key component of the beach renovation project (and reason for the heavy construction equipment and large staging area) was installed: the Vortechs stormwater treatment unit. You can read an update about the installation and how the Vortechs unit works here.


Hwy 42 Project

Note: Winter shutdown begins Nov. 22, 2019. No work until spring of 2020.

For the most up-to-date information about the Hwy 42 Resurfacing project, including the project construction overview map, interactive maps, and traffic impacts & detour webpage, visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s 511 Wisconsin Construction Projects website.

A PowerPoint presentation from a public construction update meeting can is also available, and can be accessed here.

In an effort to make the project as hassle-free as possible for residents and visitors alike, the project is being divided into three construction stages.

Stage 1 is divided into three phases.

Stage 1: Phase A is scheduled for October 15 - 20.
Stage 1: Phase B is scheduled for October 21 - noon October 25
Stage 1: Phase C is scheduled for October 28 - Winter Shutdown 2019

During Stage 1, the detour is for southbound traffic only. However, from noon October 25 - October 27, WIS Hwy 42 will be open to bi-directional traffic for the Fish Creek Jack O' Lantern Days. The official detour route for southbound traffic during this time is Cty Hwy F in Fish Creek to Cty Hwy A to Cty Hwy E in Egg Harbor.

Stage 2 is scheduled to being in early March (as soon as the weather allows work to being) and end prior to Memorial Day 2020.

The final stage, Stage 3 is scheduled to begin Memorial Day and wrap up by the end of June 2020. Stages 2 and 3 will include a hard closure of the section of road that stretches from the top of the hill (just north of the intersection of WIS Hwy 42 and Cty Hwy F) until just past the YMCA.

Streetlight Plan

Coinciding with the Hwy 42 project is the Streetlight Project. New streetlights will be placed along Hwy 42 through the village area. These new lights offer a vintage appearance with modern day technology, allowing them to comply with local lighting ordinances and reduce light pollution while still maintaining the character of the town.

Additional features of the luminaires include a “nighttime friendly” optical design, the use of LED technology (reducing energy consumption by as much as 60 percent in most cases) and four lighting distribution options.

View the final lighting plan that shows the location of the new lighting units here.