Town Parks

LOCATION: Corner of Hwy 42 and Main Street

The Alexander Noble House was purchased in 1966 with a combination of donated and Town funds. Today, the building is leased to the Gibraltar Historical Association, which operates the home as a museum with seasonal tours and maintains the building's historic significance and place on the National Historic Places. Public restrooms are located to the south of the Alexander Noble House in the annex building.


Adjacent to the Alexander Noble House Museum, Noble Square Park offers visitors and residents alike a tree-shaded park with colorful flower beds and benches to rest. It is also the location for summer concerts.


LOCATION: Chambers Island (use the public dock to visit lighthouse; lighthouse is 1.5 mile walk from the the dock.)

The sister lighthouse to Eagle Lighthouse in Peninsula State Park, the Chambers Island Lighthouse was built in 1868 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The lighthouse is open for public tours when a volunteer is onsite.


LOCATION: West side of Cottage Row between 9147 and 9137

What this park lacks in size it makes up for with its striking view of the water and spectacular sunset views. From the small parking area, follow the flagstone steps and take the narrow path to the water's edge.

LOCATION: NE corner of Maple Street & Spruce Street

Clark Park's large open lawn that overlooks the bay is a popular spot for events. Sitting adjacent to the Town Dock, the land was donated to the Town in 1938. Today it features ample green space, a stone wall walkway along the waterfront, and fishing from the municipal pier. Public restrooms are available across the street at the back of the Old Town Hall.


LOCATION: Hwy 42 (Main Street)

A mostly wooded area is home to the Town's namesake Fish Creek and features marked recreational walking trails enjoyed throughout the spring, summer and fall. In the winter, limited snowmobile trails offer cold-weather fun. Fish Creek Park is also the site of the original Peninsula Players theater and former location of Bonnie Brook Motel.


LOCATION: Hwy 42 (Main Street)

The Fish Creek Beach features a new public restroom facility, drop-off and handicapped accessible parking area, and an enhanced beach front with ample green space and a sand beach with a swimming area.


LOCATION: 4176 Maple Street

The Old Town Hall is located across the street from Clark Park. It is available to rent for private and non-profit events. The space also features a kitchen area. Call the Town Office at (920) 868-1714 for availability and reservations. A fillable application is a available here.

LOCATION: At the junction of Spruce Street and Cedar Street

Tucked away where the Spruce Street and Cedar Street meet, this mall grassy area offers a less crowded view of the waterfront.


LOCATION: Far west end of Main Street

Established in 1919, Sunset Beach Park is the premiere spot for catching a spectacular sunset at the end of the day. A wooded path leads visitors to the open lawn area that is also a popular location and can be rented for weddings and other private events.


LOCATION: 4097 Main Street

The Town Center contains the Town Offices, visitor center, Fish Creek branch library, and the post office. Here, you can also find several public amenities, including restrooms, parking, meeting room, WiFi, and a drinking fountain. The parking lot also features an electric car charging station.


LOCATION: Ula Street (End of Cottage Row next to Harbor Guest House)

The Town acquired this park in 1983 as the result of an easement agreement between the Town of Gibraltar and North Point Development Corporation. Standing at the edge of the retaining wall provides a view of the waters of Green Bay.