Traffic Utility Billing: Dear Town of Gibraltar Tax payers,   It has come to our attention that the recently mailed traffic utility billing wasn’t descriptive, we apologize for this oversight.  The bill that was sent out is for traffic utility fees.  The town board decided to implement a traffic utility fee in lieu of special assessment fees for road improvements.  The fee will be billed semi-annually, and always in arrears. This first billing cycle is January-June 2022. Going forward, these funds collected from the traffic utility can only be used for road improvements.    If you have any questions please contact the town office, 920-868-1714. Thank you, Town of Gibraltar Staff

Comprehensive Plan Update

The Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission has been hired to facilitate the process for the completion of the town’s comprehensive plan. Additional details can be found by clicking on the “Town of Gibraltar Comprehensive Plan Update” icon found on the following website: 

The Town is asking you to participate in an online survey to tell us what concerns you have or what improvements are needed in the community. The online survey is available by following this link